Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Article: Tea Promotions and Marketing

Lately, a lot of my writing has been focused on helping the tea industry through the recession. After writing a piece on sales tactics for tea businesses, I now have a new article on tea marketing and promotions. There will be more in the series soon, so check back for updates (now that I'm finally posting them again!). Here's a clip from the marketing piece:

Adam Notebaert, manager of The Little Teahouse, stopped placing print ads last year. Others are following suit for one consistent reason: low return on investment.

However, Ginny Durand, co-founder of The Tea Exchange, said print isn’t dead … in certain markets. She gets good results from advertising in local publications that go to captive audiences with time to spare, such as hotel guests in resort areas.

Generally, print ads work when there is a strong alignment between the business and the publication, added Jeffrey Lorien, co-owner of Zhi Tea.

But most sources preferred other forms of traditional media. Bryan Stafford, Fava Tea’s Business and Marketing Leader, said radio and TV are particularly effective when the message is embedded in content through interviews, product placement or sponsorship.

Bret Wingert, owner of Souvia Tea, agreed; underwriting NPR has strengthened his customers’ loyalty.

As for direct mail and billboards, Stafford said these are good for sustaining business, but don’t drive sales as much as more engaging media, like TV, radio and the Internet.

You can read the rest on World Tea News.

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