Saturday, October 3, 2009

Moving to Portland

As a foodie and as a person, I am thrilled to be moving to Portland. Here are some of the things I'm looking forward to most:

Urban planning done right
Bicycling (especially after living in the not-so-bike-friendly cities of NYC and Charlotte, NC)
Eating at awesome restaurants (and the availability of great veggie/vegan food at most of them)
Exploring the thriving food cart scene
Enjoying locally grown food and the riverside market
Partaking in Portland's love affair with beverages -- Imbibe Magazine, Stumptown Coffee and Tao of Tea are all based there; there's an abundance of local breweries; many California wines are readily available there
Checking out all the tea places Elin recommended on
Utilizing Portland's proximity to San Francisco (my favorite U.S. city for tea)

Have you lived there/visited? What do you love the most?


Katrina said...

Congrats on the big move. Sounds like a fabulous fit for you!

jan e. said...

Welcome to Portland!! There are several (or more) of us hard core tea drinkers here. Love to meet you. I also love San Francisco, but don't forget Seattle also.

jan e.

Steph said...

Vee - Congratulatios, and our paths may indeed cross. We're still in the considering phase, but I'd add you to my list of Pros. :-)

VeeTea said...

Thanks, Katrina! It seems to be a great fit so far.

Jan, let's meet up for tea soon! Email me at vee (at) veetea (dot) com to set up when/where. Looking forward to it!

Steph, I hope to see you here! I'd love to join forces with an esteemed tea blogger such as yourself. :)

Pat said...

I know someone who moved there not long ago and they absolutely love it, hope you feel the same way!

Anonymous said...

Reading this made me think of Minnesota here where I live. It isn't known for tea or coffee like so much of the West Coast is. That's a bit of a disappointment to me since I've become so devoted to tea. Maybe Seattle would be a good place for me to live, or perhaps Portland. I'm not so sure if San Francisco is really an ideal city for me. But it is tea-friendly, so that's a plus. --Teaternity