Monday, January 26, 2009

Romantic Teas

I know I rarely talk about personal things these days, but this news was too big to leave out: I got married on Friday! Here are a few photos of our little ceremony:

As a small wedding gift to and from my lovely readers, I'd love to start a list of romantic teas here. I'll get it started. Please add any you can think of, and let's get this list going!

Flowering Teas (in general, but if you have any great sources for beautiful, flavorful ones, please add it below!)

Tay Tea's Lovers Tea, Persian Rose, Marry Me Again, Better Than Sex and Duchess' First Love

Petali's Wedding Tea and the similar Rooibos Sweet Heart Tea from Dragonwater

Portsmouth's Love Me Tender

Urbana's Love Potion, Unity, Chocolate & Strawberries and Chocolate Spice

Teality's Romantic Tea Samplers

Adagio's Valentine's Tea and Chocolate Tea

Chocolate Lovers Teas by SBS

Harney & Sons Chocolate Tea and Valentine's Tea


Summer said...

Congrats!! What a gorgeous couple!

I made Felicitea's Apple Spice Tea for my sister's wedding. Everyone got sample tins for favors and we server it at the wedding - it completely ran out. :)

Every time I have a cup now I think of that lovely fall day my sister married her love.

VeeTea said...

Thanks for the comment, Summer! I'm thrilled to see more teas in weddings these days. :)

VeeTea said...

Chris from Tavalon just emailed me these additions to the list:

Cupid’s Arrow


Kama Chai Sutra Regular and Organic

Thanks, Chris!

VeeTea said...

Here are two more from ITO EN:

Rose oolong

Rose green RTD

VeeTea said...

Two more from Rishi, currently on sale until Valentines Day...

White Tea Rose Melange:

Organic Wild Rose White:

VeeTea said...

Here are a few more from The NecessiTeas...

Chocolate Pomegranate:

French Breakfast:

Pretty in Pink:

VeeTea said...

Art of Tea:


Melanie said...

Yes! Teas need more recognition as special occasion beverages. We couldn't have any alcohol at our wedding, so we went all out with a really fancy tea bar. I was surprised at how many choices there were for us (in terms of people offering fancy event teas-- at least a dozen where we looked on alone). So tea is making a comeback/breakthrough! Good!