Monday, January 5, 2009

Detox Teas

January is the time of year when people take the most interest in detox teas and tisanes. Companies like The Republic of Tea, Traditional Medicinals, Yogi Tea and Mighty Leaf all have detox teas, as do a number of smaller brands in health stores (Triple Leaf Tea, Tulsi Teas) and online companies. Even Celestial Seasonings is getting in on the act. Personally, I like Yogi's Peach DeTox Tea. (They also have regular DeTox (linked above) and Berry DeTox, which I haven't tried yet.) What are your favorites?

PS -- The BBC recently reported that many products claiming to be detoxifying are not. Most of the products above are based on Chinese medicinal herbalism. Some of the products listed in the BBC article are face soaps (apparently, removing dirt and oil from skin counts as "detoxifying" to the product's maker) and dietary supplements (which advise a healthy diiet and lots of water -- perhaps the true source of detoxification). What do you think about the controversy? Do you think tisanes can be detoxifying?

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