Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chilled Tea

Whew, is it hot in Charlotte today! Fortunately, I have the remedy for stultifying weather -- chilled teas. I wrote this post for Samovar, but it applies elsewhere, too. :)

Lately, I've been considering blending traditions and making an iced pu-erh with preserved lemons. Pu-erh was traditionally made as a savory, soupy concoction with spices, aromatics and even citrus. However, my initial inspiration for this was the Southern tradition of iced tea with lemon. I think it will either be delicious or terrible, with no middle ground. What do you think?


Lady Katherine said...

Most love lemon in their tea. I do not. Give me some vanilla and I will be so happy. I even add a vanilla syrup to my sodas. I do love lemon pie! lol

VeeTea said...

Haha, that IS funny. I wonder if it's the sweetness and creaminess in the lemon pie that you like. I love vanilla in tea, too. Iced vanilla tea lattes are a dream. Sometimes I add mint to iced tea, or frozen berries.