Thursday, December 6, 2007

Green Tea Ice Cream

A company called E-Creamery lets you select your own flavors, add-ins, and packaging for pints of ice cream. Not cool enough already? They have green tea as a flavor, and you can pick a gelato, 12% milkfat base (typical for American icecream), or 14% milkfat base (extra rich and creamy). Personally, I want to try the green tea and coconut gelato with pineapple pieces and mint leaves... or maybe cardamom and cinnamon or clove 14% milkfat icecream with candied ginger... yum.

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Dr.Gray said...

This place is pretty cool thanks for sharing it. I love green tea ice cream its so rare to see in the US. Not sure about the mint/green tea combo but hey whatever floats your boat.