Thursday, February 7, 2008

V-Day Teas

It's one week to Valentines Day. Do you have a gift for your sweetheart? We all know that V-Day flowers are toxic to the environment and the humans who grow/harvest them (Right? You surely didn't think all those flowers bloomed on the same day naturally.), but what to get instead? If you're turning to tea to turn your partner's heart, here are a few Valentine's-related teas out there:

Adagio's Valentines Tea
Chocolate and strawberries and Ceylon! Oh, my!

Flowering Teas
There are a lot of them out there. More on flowering teas and their suppliers on Vee Tea.

Harney & Sons Rose Tea
One of my personal favorites. Very sophisticated.

Mariage Freres
Mariage Freres has Valentines Day covered. They have heart--shaped flowering teas, an aromatized tea called "Amore," a Kama Sutra tea gift box, and more. I guess the French really do get the whole "romance" thing.

Rishi's White Tea Rose Melange
Rumor has it that this tea was blended as an anniversary gift for the blender's wife. Tastes good, too.

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