Friday, April 3, 2009

Hanami -- The Cherry Blossom Festival

As I recently said in the Samovar blog, I planned a hanami celebration with some friends. It was incredibly windy on the day of, so although we made matcha, it was left undocumented. Here are a few photos we DID manage to snap. I hope you enjoy them, and take the time to welcome spring with your friends!

We celebrated at my favorite park in Charlotte -- Freedom Park. Here's the view near the entrance.

Here's the view from our barbecue spot.

Veggie Yakitori + FIRE


Happy Vee! (If you look closely, you can see my hubby, Marko, reflected in my sunglasses.)

Maybe it's just that I was very happy, but it also seemed that the ducks and ducklings were enjoying the weather. :)

Hanami Crew

Andrea drinking matcha. She'd never tried it before, nor had Adam (also pictured).

The willow tree near our barbecue was lovely, but...

... we came for the cherry blossoms!

We found a nice spot to enjoy our veggie yakitori/kabob-type food (yum!) and assorted sushi (veg + otherwise) from our fave local sushi joint, Ru San's (nothing fancy, but very fun -- fusion rolls like walnuts and Sriracha hot sauce).

Later, we ate wagashi (higashi, matcha agar and youkan) and played soccer. (Below) Marko (our official photographer and my beloved) kicking our collective butts with his Eastern European soccer skills.


Steph said...

How lovely! The cherry blossoms aren't blooming here yet, but they will be soon!

VeeTea said...

Do you plan on celebrating there?