Friday, May 25, 2007

Tea & Travel

In honor of the upcoming long weekend, I'm dedicating this post to tea and travel.

How do you drink good tea when you travel? I go with two options.

The first option is the most reliable and convenient. I bring an easy-to-use infuser (like The Teastick or The Yo-Yo) and some loose leaf tea. All I have to do when I want tea is find decent hot water.

The second option is less reliable, but much more fun. I look for good tearooms where I'm visiting. Before I leave, I start the search online with search engines and tearoom databases. Then, I ask locals I know about where they recommend. When I reach my destination, I ask people I meet who seem interested in that kind of thing where they suggest I go. Sometimes I end up with great places and tea, sometimes it's a bust. It all depends.

Of course, if you're visiting NYC, you can get reliability and fun in one of my tea tours. :)

Whatever you do this weekend, I hope you have a great time and (yes, yes) enjoy your tea!

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