Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Used Tealeaves

I was so excited about my meeting that I forgot to tell you about the newest Vee Tea article on what to do with used tealeaves. Here's an excerpt from a section on health and beauty uses:

"Tea Baths--Tealeaves can make a wonderfully refreshing bath. They contain an enormous amount of nutrients, but only a small percent of these nutrients are removed by the first infusion. A portion of the remaining nutrients can be absorbed into your skin. Just add a few used teabags (or a few teaspoons of used tea leaves in a thin cotton bag) to the water as you draw your bath. Regular, scented, or flavored teas can be used.

Energy--For an extra caffeine boost in the morning, try absorbing caffeine through your skin. There are a few ways to go about this. You can steep fresh leaves in your bath (see tea baths). You can use a tea-scented soap. Or, you can rub used damp tealeaves onto your skin during bathing.

Eye Treatment--Using teabags (or loose-leaf tea in thin cotton bags) as an eye treatment (like you would use slices of cucumber) provides antioxidants to delicate skin and helps it to recover from environmental and biological factors like pollution and stress.

Tea Pillows--Chagra can be used to make relaxing, naturally scented pillows. Chinese folk remedies employ pillows stuffed with chagra for insomnia, headaches, and high blood pressure. Dry your leaves thoroughly, stuff them into a pillow, and sun the pillow often (about once a week), as the leaves will accumulate moisture quickly. You can use a scented or flavored tea if you'd like, but avoid energizing scents like citrus."

Check out the rest here!

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