Friday, September 28, 2007

Another Shout Out

I'd like to give another thank you to my readers. I've enjoyed hearing from some of you, and I'm glad to see how quickly your numbers are growing. Here's a bit about who you are now and who you were a few months ago:

Top Countries By Total Visits

1. US
2. UK
3. Canada
4. Australia (New to the list)
5. Finland (though India is close behind)

1. US
2. Finland
3. UK
4. Canada
5. Sweden

Top States By Total Visits

1. New York (Of course)
2. California (Still in the "two slot")
3. North Carolina (Still at number three)
4. Florida (A newbie on the list)
5. Illinois (Hello, Chicago!)

1. New York
2. California
3. North Carolina
4. Texas (Austin represent!)
5. Massachusetts (though Jersey is close behind)

Top Countries By Average Time on the Site

1. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
2. Portugal
3. Singapore
4. United Arab Emirates
5. Denmark

1. Israel
2. Bhutan
3. Trinidad/Tobago
4. Singapore
5. Thailand (though New Zealand is close behind)

Top States By Average Time on the Site

1. Hawaii
2. Louisiana
3. Arkansas
4. Oregon (Still at number four)
5. Maine

1. Utah
2. Kentucky
3. Missouri
4. Oregon
5. A tie! Massachusetts and New Jersey

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend, and drink lots of tea for me!

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