Monday, September 17, 2007

Happiness is a hot tea?

In her blog "The Happiness Project," happiness-guru Gretchen Rubin wrote:

Pay more for healthy food. It’s a sad fact that fruits, vegetables, and healthy food are more expensive than fast food, but eating healthfully will pay off in the long run, in terms of your good health and energy.

I couldn't agree more. Paying a little extra for foods that improve your mood, health, and productivity is extremely rewarding. Also, as you develop your palate and (potentially) your chef skills, you can find a lot of joy in cooking and eating your slightly-more-expensive culinary creations. With tea, this could mean making the leap from bags to loose leaf, shelling out the cash for the first flush, buying organic instead of conventional, or getting into matcha. (I just realized that the matcha thing sounds like a drug reference. Then again, matcha is delicious and rejuvenating to the point of being addictive, so it makes sense.) Back to the point! Good tea is worth the money. Go ahead, make your day: buy yourself some quality tea.


malikmon said...

hi vt,
really i didnt get you, what u really doing with tea? in my place only five or less tea ...

hmm anyway i wish to know more ur "tea"s and ur projects,
with love malik.

Gretchen Rubin said...

Hi Vee! Thanks for shining a spotlight on my blog, The Happiness Project. I am a HUGE tea fan so am very excited to have discovered your blog. Can't wait to dive in and read further...happy tea-drinking, Gretchen