Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tea Cocktail Fail

Have you ever had a tea cocktail that made you go "Eww..." instead of "Ooh..."? As you can see, I did. Apparently, "jasmine tea cocktail" means a teabag dropped into what tasted like sour mix, sour mix and more sour mix. Why must generally good restaurants keep giving tea cocktails such a bad name?! Less rhetorically speaking, what's the worst tea cocktail you've ever had? What's the best?


Jet LeBlanc said...

Someone actually served you that in a restaurant?? Ugh!

parTea lady said...

They could have at least made a tea concentrate and added that instead of a bag. I did a post on tea cocktails a while ago and even though I have never tried one, they looked good (marTEAnis).

Steph said...

Pucker up! Did you tasste the jasmine at all?

I once had a pretty bad matcha thing. It was very grainy.

VeeTea said...

Jet -- Yes and truly.

parTea lady -- There are some amazing ones out there! This was not one of them.

Steph -- Nope, not a bit. Ugh, grainy matcha is the worst.