Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Another Reason to Buy Organic/VeeTea Updates

Apparently, organic foods have a higher nutrient content than conventional foods. (The New York Times decided to place an ad before this page. Just click "skip in the top right corner to get past it.") I would imagine this extends to tea, too. Cool.

Normally, I'd announce a discount for tours and classes today. (They have previously been for educators and food service workers.) This month is a little (read: very) different. I'm leaving for India on the 6th (to see the tea fields and drink lots of masala chai and Darjeeling!) and I won't be back until September 1st. So, no discount this month, as I won't be here to give classes and tours.

Also, you've probably noticed that I usually post an article each Monday. Not this month. I'll resume in September. You can wait in breathless anticipation until then.

However, I will be posting a travel blog whenever possible. For those of you reading through Vee Tea, you may want to check the travel blog through Blogger instead. I'm writing blogs as I go, then entering them when I can, which causes problems with the way RSS posts them to subscriber sites (like Vee Tea). The blog orders and dates will make more sense if you read the blogs on Blogger. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just trust me and read it on Blogger.

While I'm gone, I will be able to respond to email occasionally. Don't hesitate to contact me, just know that it may take a week for me to respond.

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