Monday, August 20, 2007

Makaibari: Day Four

Today I:

Crossed over to the dark side and drank a delicious Assam blend with fresh mint, spices, and milk

Learned just how hard it is to get laundry dry during monsoon season

Picked tea for the first time (with a basket with a headstrap and all)

Saw a secret project that's in progress at Makaibari, and realized that Makaibari is the tea version of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory

Saw the downy buds of growing Silver Tips firsthand

Walked through the Makaibari gardens, checking out the butterflies, streams (with tiny catfish), tiger tracks, and fragrant flowers

Got a leech bite

Got into a very mild car crash (with a tea bush, no less)

Ate more momos (Yum!)

Read more of "The One-Straw Revolution" (I highly recommend this book to those interested in organic agriculture and sustainability.)

Ate tea-smoked mushrooms and ginger "pudding" (cake) with black tea sauce (Double yum!)


Watched a ridiculous movie called "American Chai."

Fun times.

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