Monday, August 6, 2007

Off to India (via London)

Today, I leave for India. After passport drama (It was filed 17 weeks in advance, and then received JUST IN TIME to get my travel visa.), changes in plans (Who knew my friend would get kicked out of Bhutan for traveling on an Overseas Citizenship of India rather than a regular Indian passport?), last-minute vaccines (NY's immunization clinic said I didn't need a second Hep-A shot. My doctor blanched at the thought of me not getting it.), and packing absurdity (Ziploc bags are my new best friends. They make anything and everything fit into one small suitcase), I am FINALLY ready to go.

First stop, London. My friend Natalia and I will enjoy three days of tea and museums (of the tea and art varieties... yes, they have a tea museum and, yes, I am amped about it). Then, we're off to Kolkata for some masala chai and culture shock. After a few days to adjust, we'll fly up to Darjeeling for cool mist, hot tea, and tours of some of the world's best tea plantations. Three-and-a-half weeks of caffeination from nation to nation. Exciting. I'll be posting a travel blog whenever possible, so check back often.

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