Friday, March 21, 2008

American Airlines Serves Tea

American Airlines is testing new "food-for-sale" options on their flights. Until the end of this month, the testing includes Lipton Citrus Green RTD tea. Next month it will include vitaminwater and the month after it will include smartwater. (Funny how both companies decided to go all lower-case with their drink names.)

I flew on AA from NYC to Austin and back and I have to say that the food-for-sale program was not being actively promoted at all and, if it had been, I would have considered it to be even MORE of a joke. These were offerings like $3 for a cookie and $7 for a sandwich (with only one choice of type--turkey). The Lipton Citrus Green tea (NOT my favorite, to say the least) was also $3. Perhaps it wouldn't have bothered me so much had my booking not made such a point of asking me what type of meal I would prefer (Pure Vegetarian) in order for them to NOT serve any food besides overpriced meat, chips, cookies, and bad tea. Oh, well. It probably wouldn't have been quite as bad as the atrocious cuppa I was served on my Jet Air flight to San Francisco last year. I guess that sometimes you just really need some tea, no matter how bad it is. (For the record, I didn't finish the tea from Jet Air.)

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