Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Drinking Tea, Eating Local

Yesterday I had a fantastic conversation with one of the co-founders of The Steeping Room (Austin, TX) about the importance of drinking tea and eating local. We agreed that tea is a marvelous healing herb and that trying to eat local (aside from tea) helps to build community and personal health, and to increase sustainability levels. Over the last ten years, I've found that the more tea I drink, the more I source my food from local areas. (It seems to be a major part of the foodie progresssion.) This year, I'm joining my first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture organization). Fresh, local vegetables for 26 weeks--what a way to stay healthy and offset my carbon footprint!

If you're in NYC and interested in CSAs, check out the CSA in NYC Conference this weekend.

If you're in NYC or Baltimore and interested in eating local, check out Local Fork. They're also building new online communities for local eaters in other areas, so if you're a leader in your community, you might consider working with them in your area.

The weather in NYC is divine today. I'm off to enjoy a nice bup of white tea to celebrate!

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