Monday, March 3, 2008

Flowering Teas Go Mainstream

That's right, handcrafted flowering teas are now being sold at (drumroll please...) Target. Teaposy is their supplier, and they have a variety of teaware, eight types of flowering tea, and several gift sets offered online. (I would imagine that individual stores' offerings vary.) It's interesting to me that flowering teas are becoming so popular for several reasons:

1. They are getting more people to drink loose leaf tea.
2. They are easy to brew, which increases their popularity.
3. They are beautiful, which also increases their popularity.
4. They don't usually excel in the flavor department, which means they may not increase loose leaf tea's popularity overall.

It is my hope that, despite flowering teas' frequent failings in flavor, people will start drinking loose-leaf tea with flowering teas and move on to other loose-leaf teas from there. We'll see what happens!

Read more on flowering teas on VeeTea or check out Target's flowering teas.


Steph said...

Interesting! I also noticed that Target is carrying disposable loose-leaf brewing bags (cup and pot size). While I'm not a fan of the throw-away concept, at least it promotes good tea!

VeeTea said...

Good to know! Thanks, Steph!