Friday, March 14, 2008

SXSW Day 3

More on SXSW... In the last 24 or so hours, I:

Drank tea on a front porch

Drank some green powder beverage that had green tea extract and tasted disgusting (I much prefer the green energy bar that's also in the photo)

Saw a local bed & breakfast's tea offerings

Saw "Austin Tee Party" while waiting in line for an Akron/Family day show

Heard Akron/Family (Great show! Hippie meets hipster. Lone Star beers and a suggestion from the band to stay hydrated.)

People-watched on 6th (this street is SO much more crowded at night)

Drank tapioca pearl (boba) tea (The cup is atop an Onion stand, which you can find at practically every street corner here.)

Bought some cute stockings (If you like cool stockings, check out Sock Dreams. They're AMAZING!)


Drank tea and Stella (and ate tasty vegan food and green tea ice cream) at a cute Japanese restaurant (Koriente, right next to Beauty Bar)

Danced to dirty robot rock for hours at Beauty Bar (the uber-hipster joint in town)

Ate some Israeli-inspired food made by my ex-roommate Yinon and his friend Kelsey (who will start working for NPR soon... cool)

Despite the fact that it is not photo-documented, I will also claim to have:

Seen Dark Meat (hippie jam band merges with high school band and covers ska, punk, and metal favorites)
Seen The Raveonettes (good show, annoying audience... I'll just listen to their recordings next time)
Walked around a lot (even for a New Yorker)
Spent about an hour trying to hail a cab (and explaining to all the non-New-Yorkers that if the "Vacant" light is off, yelling and waving will NOT make the cab magically become vacant)
Slept in abundance

Today I'll relax and drink tea (Makaibari Second Flush at the moment) before catching some shows tonight. It's stultifyingly hot (peak of 91 deg F), so I think it will be wise to take it easy. More news tomorrow!

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