Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lipton Event

I'm off doing an event with Lipton today. Sorry I've been so brief in my posts. Extremely busy with writing, classes and events these days. I'll be back soon, I promise! In the meantime, the first person to email me with two changes I made on Vee Tea in the last month (outside of new blog posts, of course) gets a one of the following (your pick):

Five boxes of assorted Lipton teas (including their newer pyramid bags with larger leaves and more refined flavors)
Assorted samples sent to me by various companies (I've tried them and reviewed them or taken notes for reviews and no longer need them.)
A tiny sample of Makaibari Reserve Silver Green (Incredible!!!)
A tiny sample of a fantastic First Flush Taiwanese Oolong
Two of my tea seeds


Lady Katherine said...

Hi, sounds like you are avery busy lady, and need to have sit down tea moment!!! Did you change the tea names in last post? I do not remember bendelicious ( green) or the girls playground (green). I thought there was a change, I been surching for a green tea, for its good for cancer, but have not found any that suit my taste buds. I like STRONG TEA and all green so far is weak tasting.

VeeTea said...

Yes, I decided to skip a party tonight (at a bar that serves tea from In Pursuit of Tea -- wonderful stuff!) in favor of catching up with some other tea work and (finally) relaxing a bit. It's much-needed after a week with a trip out of town, a major event, two tea classes (one as a student and one as a teacher) and two article deadlines!

The names are the same.

I don't make any claims about tea and cancer, but if you're looking for a stronger flavor in your green tea, you can try flavored teas that are similar to the ones you enjoy in black tea, or go for matcha and other astringent Japanese green teas. Chinese green teas are usually sweeter and milder. That's probably more like what you've been tasting. Good luck!