Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tea Sales

More tea sales! If you have any to add, please let me know.

ITO EN Oolong Shot
Regular Price $45/case of 30 cans, Introductory Price $36/case
Through Dec. 15th
(Anybody tried this yet? What do you think?)

Elmwood's Tea Lovers' Gift Set
$10 off
"Fall Sale"

Elmwood's Bodum Cast Iron Teapots
25% off (scroll down to the bottom)
"Fall Sale"


Ferd.Burfle said...

Oolong Shot? No thanks!

Ito En "Generously" takes off $9 bucks off their "normal" price (like they do with their other canned teas), but then they take it away with $10.50 in shipping! (one case)

Also, they WON'T let you get the same price at their retail shop in order to save on shipping, so I pay nearly $50 bucks for a case of the stuff.

I have purchased their Sencha Shot this way in the past, UNTIL I learned that ALSO sells selected varieties of their tea. (No Oolong Shot...yet!)

Anyway, Amazon sends stuff with free shipping if the price is over $25, so you can get it almost at the discounted price. Amazon sells the Sencha Shot for $36.50 a case, so I MAY pay $1.50 more for a case of Sencha Shot, but overall I am paying a total of $10 dollars less!

I belong to Amazon PRIME, which sends 2-day shipping at no additional cost, but PRIME costs $79 a year. If you buy as much as I do in a year from Amazon, it's quite a bargain.

So um, thanks for the new addition to your product line, Ito En, but I think I'll be waiting until I see it on Amazon before I buy it!

VeeTea said...

Thanks for the info! I rarely use Amazon, but I'm sure this will be of use to customers who do. If you try the Oolong Shot once it's available on Amazon, please drop me a line and let me know what you think.