Monday, December 22, 2008

Lipton Event Photos, Part Two

A continuation of last week's photos... More from the Lipton Tea event!

The "Mind" Room coming to life -- This is where we learned about tea and the brain

The "Body" Room -- The Wii Fit, pilates balls, yoga mats and tea helped with physical fitness

The Teabar in the "Spirits" Room -- This is where I held tea tastings and pairings

Displays in the "Spirits" Room

Lounge Area in the "Spirits" Room (before guests arrived, obviously)

Dr. Tea introducing me and Peter Goggi to one of the groups

Me Lecturing on tea tasting

A group tasting tea

Time for the pairing!

The tea-chocolate truffles were amazing! (You can read more about pairing tea and sweets on World Tea News.)

A group taking notes on tea pairings

Another group tasting paired teas and foods. There were five lectures through the day, with three different sets of pairings depending on the time.

Tea cocktails were served at the end of the day. (You can read more about tea cocktails on World Tea News.)

You can contact me for tea events at vee at veetea dot com, or read more on Vee Tea.

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