Thursday, January 17, 2008

Coffee Pinkberry

Pinkberry, the mysterious yogurt-like substance of recent fame has a new flavor: coffee. Reports say that the bitterness of the coffee is balanced by the sweet tang of the "yogurt." Interestingly enough, tea beat coffee to the punch: it was already on the menu.

The healthy/unhealthy switch with this stuff is fascinating to me. It's frozen yogurt, so it's healthier than ice cream! (But's not healthy because it's still a sugary dessert.) Yogurt is good for you! (But it's not yogurt.) Let's make it "more healthy" by adding green tea! (And then we'll make a coffee flavor a few years down the line.) Perhaps is just another part of the allure of the infamous "Crackberry."

Anyone in SoCal or NYC tried it yet? Thoughts? Addictions?

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