Saturday, April 12, 2008

Coffee and Tea Festival, Day 1, Post 2

Day one has ended, and it was wonderful. I'll be filling in more details over the next week, but in the meantime here are some more highlights from today:

Tea Blending (and the infamous "Better Than Sex" rooibos) by Nina Ordoubodi of Tay Tea
Tafu Tea's freshly master-roasted houjicha and house-made matcha cupcakes
Tea Classics' Korean gourd strainers and Korean Tea Ceremony (They showed great poise despite audio issues--very admirable!)
Georgia Bakeshop's incredible French macaroons and mini souffles
Talking with Yoshie Yano-Pennings of Ito En about the company history and the Umami Festival
Talking with Elin Headrick (whose writing you've probably seen in TeaMuse) about tea, Chicago, and NYC

Tomorrow I'll check out SerendipiTea, Tafu's presentations, Chris Cason's "The Future of Tea," and the short film "From the Ground Up." Exciting! If you see me there, come say hello!

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