Monday, April 21, 2008

Local Food, Tea Plants

Local food co-ops have issued a challenge to their customers: eat local produce for 80% or more of your diet during the summer months. Excerpt from The Progressive Grocer:

Although "local" is a buzzword used by many retailers, the NCGA maintains that its member natural food co-ops cultivate "truly reciprocal, long-term relationships with local growers and producers."

Participating NCGA member stores will host Eat Local America challenges within their communities, encouraging individuals to visit their store, learn when their local challenge is taking place, commit to participate, and collect information on eating local foods. Because peak harvest time varies throughout the nation, the challenge duration may vary from a one-week to one-month period, according to NCGA.

Read more here.

Personally, I'll be getting most of my grocers from a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). As for my tea, I'll always love teamaster-made green tea from Japan, first flush black from Darjeeling, oolong from Taiwan, and white and green teas from China, but I'll also get to try some VERY local tea soon.

Soil from Darjeeling, kindly sent to me by a tea professional in India

Chinese-variety tea seeds, kindly sent to me my a tea educator in Japan

Planting of the tea seeds, for uber-local, "fresh from my apartment" tea

If anyone in the US would like a tea seed or two, email me with your address and one way you plan to go greener this year. Have a great Earth Day tomorrow!


Steph said...

Happy Earth Day! Thank you for this post!

We, too, will be part of a CSA this year. We also grow a few veggies and frequent our Farmer's Market. It's such a joy to be connected to the food!

Steph said...

Please do keep us updated on the progress of your tea plants!