Wednesday, April 2, 2008

NYU on Tea

NYU's paper, Washington Square News, recently published an article on tea spots near their campus, and included my top picks for a quick cuppa in the area. Excerpt:

"As The New York Times recently reported, tea shops are on the rise and have become increasingly popular places to wind down. We chose some of our favorites and asked Lindsey 'Vee' Goodwin, owner of VeeTea and licensed New York 'tea tour' guide, to help us compile a list of the best tea spots near NYU."

They go on to talk about Tea & Sympathy (which I recently blogged about), The Adore (which I reviewed a few months ago for TeaMuse), and Tea Spot, and to list some other "Vee-recommended" tearooms for tea near NYU. Read the full article here.

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