Saturday, April 12, 2008

NYC Coffee and Tea Festival, Day 1, Post 1

The Coffee and Tea Festival is off to a great start! There's
a big crowd and there are plenty of vendors and events to keep them entertained. A few highlights from my visit so far:

Ito En's new teas, Mint Green and Oi Ocha (the latter was available in Japan and in Asian specialty stores in the US, and is now available in mainstream US stores)
Meeting the lovely owners of Harshita Designs, a tea-themed textile line (my background is in textile design) and members of the family who owns Chamong, a fair trade estate in Darjeeling
Coffee & Tea Infused Cocktails presentation (with fantastic creations from Sanctuary T) and Zen Green Tea Liqueur (made by the same company, more astringent and less sweet than their Japanese-market version)Catching up with Chris Cason of Tavalon (and formerly of Adagio) on Tavalon, tea liqueurs, and (random) hot peppers
Learning a few new things about afternoon tea from Ellen Easton
Chatting with Christine Rillo of Adagio

More soon!

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