Thursday, April 24, 2008

Planting Tea Seeds

Soon, some of you will be receiving (China variety micro) tea seeds from me. When you get them, here are the planting instructions. If you want a tea seed or two and haven't requested one yet, I have some left. Feel free to ask me.

Make a mix of 50% sand and 50% acidic soil.
Put the soil into containers that are about 7" tall by 5" in diameter. If the container is plastic (like, say, a yogurt container), be sure to poke lots of holes in it so the soil can breathe.
Plant the seed about 2" deep with the "eye" facing the sky. (You'll know what I mean when you see it.)
Place in medium sunlight.
Water very lightly every two days.



EAnglin said...

I just looked in to tell you I got mine today! (Michigan)

Thanks for the planting advice- I have min, remporarily in ordinary potting soil- I'll get out later today to find something better.

This page;
Has lots of information on growing tea plants and starting seeds. One of their sopurces recommends starting in a jar of moist vermiculite and transplanting as soon as roots appear- I may try this.

Thanks so much for the seeds- I'll let you know if I get successful germination!

Steph said...
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Steph said...

(Sorry for the delete - too many typos!)

I received my tea seed over the weekend and I am delighted! Thank you for the growing instructions. I will blog about it!

VeeTea said...

You're both very welcome. I'm looking forward to hearing how they grow!

Thanks for the link, eanglin. My instructions were from a tea plantation manager in Darjeeling, but the more sources the better!

Lady Katherine said...

I been looking on internet for seeds, I do follow your site. Do have any seeds left? I would love to have some! I going to try and grow some pots.

VeeTea said...

Hi Lady Katherine,

They're all gone now. I'd suggest buying from Narien Teas here: Good luck!