Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eat Out Awards: T Salon

T Salon is in its third NYC incarnation. After opening and closing in The Guggenheim and Lower Midtown, it has settled into Chelsea Market, home of the famed (and past-its-prime) Buddakan and a variety of gourmet and foodie-friendly shops. It is the kind of tearoom that aims for greatness on many levels and succeeds on some. It has eco-friendly policies (soy-ink packaging, potato-based cutlery), a generally pleasing ambiance (great color scheme, gorgeous upholstery, soothing music), and an exceptional variety of flowering teas. There are some wonderful things going for T Salon, but somehow it falls flat of expectations. This is, perhaps, best summed up by the scones, which are served with fantastic Devon cream and raspberry preserves. The scones themselves are decent, but their mediocrity is only highlighted by their superior accompaniments. If it weren't for the incredibly strong potential for such a place, I would not bother being so disappointed. I am glad it was nominated for "Best New Tearoom," but can see why it did not win. It is my hope that someday T Salon can live up to its aspirations. If it does, it may just be the best tearoom in NYC (new or otherwise). For now I will remain (mostly) unimpressed.

T Salon
75 9th Ave. (Chelsea Markets, toward the back), evening entrance at 459 W. 15th St.
Monday-Wednesday 8:30AM-8PM
Thursday-Saturday 8:30AM-10:30PM


Steph said...

I loved this sentence: "It is the kind of tearoom that aims for greatness on many levels and succeeds on some."

A great summary

RESTRICTly said...

hey ! both of our blog has some similarities , mine's Reetea. Considered having Veetea but you'd taken it heh. And m no stalker !!!!!