Monday, May 5, 2008

New VeeTea Article on TeaMuse

You may remember that last month, I published part one of an article on tearooms in Austin on TeaMuse. Well, now it's time for part two! Excerpt:

In the heart of Austin, nestled between a New-Orleans-esque college party street, a cluster of indie rock music venues, and a neighborhood that's becoming gentrified by 20-somethings at an alarming rate (watch out, Williamsburg!), lies Koriente Restaurant and Tea House, a charming spot that serves Korean-inspired food and Harney & Sons tea to hip kids and college Greeks alike. The decor reflects the jumbled location and the unexpected blend of patrons;it looks like a hipster bar/coffee shop, homey tearoom, and family-run Asian restaurant all at once. The menu is more focused; it leans strongly toward healthy, fresh, Asian fare and includes a variety of reasonably well-made hot and cold tea drinks...

Read the full article on TeaMuse. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Steph said...

That's cool! Congrats on your TeaMuse publishing.