Saturday, May 31, 2008

World Tea Expo, Day 1

Day one is over and I have to admit that, despite the sleaze and wastefulness of Vegas, I am having a fantastic time. The pu-erh course was very informative and Jane Petrigrew's Taiwanese oolong tasting was dead on. There are some interesting new (in general or to the Expo) products on display (more on those later), and catching up with all my tea people has been absolutely wonderful. After the Expo, I attended an industry event, had a business meeting, ate dinner with tea friends, went to see Love (Cirque du Soliel does not cease to impress me), AND hit a nightclub (The Cathouse, which I do not recommend). It's after 4 AM in NYC time so, as you can probably guess, I'm exhausted. More tomorrow...

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