Saturday, May 31, 2008

World Tea Expo, Day 2

Random notes for the day:

Many more young people in attendance than last year
Lots of tea factories, fair trade farmers' alliances, and plantations in booths (increased ability to source directly)
More organics

Tea and Meditation by the authors of Tea Here Now, very interesting presentation on the connections between the two

Meeting James Norwood Pratt
Getting to see all the booths up close
Snagging samples of some fantastic shaped/flowering teas
Talking tea with other tea people
Buying some recent translations on Chinese and Taiwanese teas (particularly oolong and pu-erh)

It was an incredibly full day. I'm taking a moment to relax in my hotel room (if you can call blogging relaxing!) and then I'm off to dinner with Rajah Banerjee of Makaibari and a night on the town with a bunch of tea kids. Fun! More tomorrow...


Angela McRae said...

Thanks so much for posting about the World Tea Expo! I went last year and blogged about it (it was in Atlanta, 30 minutes away), so I'm grateful for the reports from those of you attending this year. Have a tea-rific time! (And sip lots of that free tea on behalf of those of us who can't be there!)

Steph said...

I've enjoyed reading these trends. Thank you!

VeeTea said...

You are both very welcome! Glad to help. Steph--I'm sending out those samples today. Sorry for the delay!