Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not a Tea Review

Today, I was going to review another item from the World Tea Expo. However, that is not what this post is about. This post is about health, life, and my father.

Today is the third anniversary of my father's death. He is sorely missed by his friends and family. You see, he died relatively young of a preventable disease. While he wasn't living a more unhappy or unhealthy life than the average American before his diagnosis, he wasn't exactly the picture of happiness and health, either. Like so many others, it was only after he got sick that he embraced life fully and dedicated himself to living healthfully. And, like so many others, he made that change too late to save his life. However, he was at his happiest during the time he knew and accepted was limited. He let go of trivialities and embraced the moment while dealing with very serious issues head-on, something so many of us mean to do, but don't really strive for on a daily basis. I understand that many people who have been diagnosed as terminal have the same reaction. It's strange that most don't live fully until they're dying, but I guess there isn't an obvious impetus to live until you realize how temporal life really is.

One of the ways that I embrace the moment, live more fully, enjoy life, and live healthfully is through tea. It's fitting, because it was my father who first introduced me to hot tea. Tea is a wonderful way to remind yourself to live in the here and now, to let go of your worries, and to enjoy the immediate. It's also a healthy beverage, and a fantastic alternative to sodas, sports drinks, and the like. I sometimes think of my father when I drink tea, and I find it to be a positive form of rememberance. This post and the cup of tea next to me go out to him and to you. If there's someone you're missing in your life, join me in saluting them with a cup of tea.

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