Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Staff Training

One of my projects in NC is staff training. The staff had a good working knowledge when I arrived, but I'm proud to say that by the time I leave, they will be more confident and capable in their tea knowledge, which means increased customer satisfaction and sales for the tearoom.

It seems that tearoom owners are getting more and more savvy in their tea selections, food menus, and creation of ambiance. In my many tearoom visits (whether they are for business or pleasure), the area in which I most often see tearooms is staff training. Sure, the owner can tell you all about how the teas are grown, processed, and brewed, or the stories behind their teas' names, or each tea's flavor profile and what pairs with what, but most of the staff members I've interacted with still simply offer a menu and a pot of tea (which may or may not be brewed correctly). For more and more clients, this simply is not enough. They need to learn about your tea (and have it brewed properly!) in order to enjoy it (and your tearoom) fully. Unfortunately, new business owners are typically swamped and barely have time for things like order placement, much less intensive staff training. This is why I offer staff training for tea businesses. I learn your tea menu and business philosophy, and then customize staff training sessions which:

*ensure your staff is brewing, serving, and cleaning properly
*cover the customer FAQs (and how to answer them in a confident, unscripted manner) in depth
*illuminate the growing, processing, taste, and chemical differences between the different tea types
*discuss the cultural and historical significance of tea around the world
*aid staff members in developing their own palates and understanding the flavor profiles of each tea you carry
*include handouts, visuals, one-on-one training/Q&A (optional), and after-training follow-up questions
*help increase sales, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction/retention
*save your company time and money in the long-run
*empower and encourage staff members to learn more about the teas you carry each day they work

To arrange staff training for your tearoom, email me at vee at veetea dot com with your location and the basics of your tearoom.

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