Monday, June 23, 2008


I'm enjoying my tea work and my friends in Charlotte, but part of me can't wait to return to NYC. As grating and fast-paced as it can be, I miss it! The tea mind and the New York mindset are so different, but in a way, they can balance a person out. (Well, they balance ME out, anyway.) The pace makes me appreciate the time I take for tea even more. How does tea relate to your life in the city where you live?

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Summer said...

I love Charlotte to bits - and after being up north...

Tea is a huge part of my life here. Some Saturday or Sunday afternoons, me and my girlfriends will go down to Urbana and knit. I meet friends for a cup of tea of at TeaRex (it's walking distance from my apartment). And of course, Tailgate Market has now become my little center of tea - both as a way to share and sell.

But the best, for me, is the house my apartment is in has this huge ol' Southern porch. White porch swing, cozy wicker couch and chairs - there is nothing better then an afternoon pot on the porch with a friend or work - or a nice pitcher of sweet tea in the evening with the neighbors.