Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tango @ the Teabar

What a fun event! Here are a few photos before I end my mate high and go to sleep. :)

Just as yerba mate is the national drink of Argentina, aflajores (pronounced alfa-CHOR-eys) are the national cookie. They are kind of like shortbread cookies with dulce de leche and coconut, though they are made differently in other parts of South America (no coconut, dipped in chocolate or white chocolate, etc.). Delicious! They went very well with the iced mate, which is how they are often consumed during a sort of Argentinian late-afternoon tea-meal.

Empanadas--an Argentine staple! I live near an empanada place in NYC and it is my favorite meal-in-a-hurry place in all of New York. These are baked rather than fried. Yum! You can see some of the crowd (there were 30-40 people total) in the background.

Here's a little more of the crowd. They loved the iced mint mate and the hot lemongrass mate. Yum! They didn't mind my speech or the wine tasting too much either. ;)

Tango @ the Teabar would not have been complete without the tango. These dancers were fantastic! They also did a rhumba. Cool!

Time for me to go to sleep. More tomorrow!

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Summer said...

I wished I'd known about that! I'd of tried to make it.

It looks like it was an awesome event. :)