Monday, July 21, 2008

Tea and Robbery

Recently, I happened to see two articles about tea and, of all things, robbery. How odd! I thought it warranted a post.

The first article I saw was during research for my recent review of Tea & Sympathy Tearoom. It's a profile of a businessperson, but it tells a story about his father's experience with tea, sympathy and robbery. (You need to log in to the New York Times to read it.)

The second item was something I ran across while researching iced tea for a company's blog I work on. It was a recent news item about a woman in Japan who stopped a robbery with iced tea.

It's amazing how tea can serve as such a strong way of recognizing the humanity in others. Of course, this is part of the theme in Samovar's Passage to Peace video podcast series, but that's another story!


Summer said...

The woman in Japan amazed me! That's a great story. :)

Also wanted to let you know, the new phase of the tea contest is up:

I'd love to see your entry!

Anonymous said...

Tea Greetings! I just came across your blog via a Google Alert. I recently mentioned the Tea and Sympathy book on my tea blog. I'm looking forward to reading your article about the tearoom. Cheers!