Monday, August 25, 2008

Can you read Japanese?

If so, check out this new blog by my tea friend in Japan! We send teas to each other that are easily found in one place, but harder to find in the other. She also sent me the tea seeds I sent to some of you. Even if you don't read Japanese, it's worth taking a look -- she has some good photos up.


Joyce said...

Sorry....I can't read Japanese! HA! But I will check out that site.

I just came across your site via my friend Steph at "Steph's Cup of Tea"..and thought I would check you out.
Then I saw that you are in which I am coming next month (Sept.)
I would LOVE to make it to a Tea Room while we are there but am not sure if I will have time..however...IF I do....which one would you suggest..I've looked at what I could online but wasn't sure what would be best...especially on a tight schedule. We will only be there 5 days and will be staying in Manhatten.
If you have any thoughts regarding this I would appreciate any thing you can pass on to me.
Joyce M.

Joyce said...

Hi Vee,
Well.....I mainly like black teas..milk/cream and sugar too please. HA!
Like I said in the last comment we will be staying in Manhattan so it would be best if it were in the near vicinty somewhat. And somewhere I can figure out. HA!
Thanks for your imput.