Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cool Teaware Sighting

I was walking through Williamsburg the other day and saw this:

Awesome! I am continually surprised by the new and innovative teaware designs that are increasingly available. (OK, you could use this for coffee if you wanted. Still.) You can see more teaware posts by searching for "teaware" or "design" on the Vee Tea blog.


Tea Man said...

Here is some Nice Teaware that will have all your friends wanting the same thing. I particularly enjoy the Orange FORLife Loose Leaf Tea Brewers Mug Now that is "Cool!" Enjoy and take it TEAsy.

VeeTea said...

Hi Tea Man (Richard?),

Normally I would delete this as spam, but I see you're new to the blogging world so I'll just tell you how to not get your comments deleted and to promote your products more effectively through blogs instead.

Bloggers don't usually publish obvious ads like this. People send them all the time, and we delete them. If you comment on the blog for a while, sometimes we let the occasional plug slip by. If you don't have the time/interest, you can just send us press releases and/or samples and we'll usually provide ample product coverage for you. I would be perfectly glad to post on your products under those circumstances. You can contact me at vee at veetea dot com. Good luck to you in your blog marketing.