Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Green Tea Girlie

So, I was doing some research for the series I've been working on for World Tea News about tea and sugar, and I happened upon the strangest thing. There's this YouTube weirdness from a woman calling herself Green Tea Girlie. Have you heard of it? Very weird... She does silly dances, tells rambling stories and tries to sell green tea/fruit powder. Most of them appear to be dances, but here's an especially weird video: The Going Green Song.
She's also referenced on a rather amusing (but very long) cooking show parody about baking green tea cookies in a trailer park (which is the first time I heard of her and just HAD to look her up). Ah, YouTube.

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Joyce said...

Thanks so much for the Tea Room information.
A good friend of mine went to the Crown Plaza for tea when she went to NYC I was sort of leaning that way just because of her report which she told me was a "FABULOUS" time there....really good memory and such.

I will check out the other places you mentioned as well though....thank you again for helping me out I really appreciate it.
Oh and I watched the videos....very ummm..."weird" as you stated. I agree with you. HA!
And regarding the last one..I don't think Joleen was a "her" do you?
U-Tube is crazy....I love it you can find all sorts of things on there....