Monday, September 15, 2008

September Wagashi

My good friend, video blogger Tajee, recently visited me from Tokyo and gave me some delicious September-themed wagashi, which includes images of rabbits and an orange moon. They're filled with rice paste and they're oishi (delicious), especially with Japanese green tea!

The wrapping was, as one might expect from a gift wrapped in Japan, gorgeous. Here's the outer wrapper with images of rabbits and the moon:

The second layer, with images of (and I'm guessing here) flowers and grasses (Please let me know if you think otherwise):

The simpler and quite lovely inner box, with text that most likely says the brand and/or product name:

Thanks, Tajee for the fantastic visit, and for the tasty wagashi!!! It was great to see you (as always!) and I hope to visit you in Japan soon!!!

PS -- I'm going to be posting about tea sweets all week. Between a few samples, the gift from Tajee and a box of wagashi I opened in preparation for my classes at Urasenke Chanoyu, I'm on a tea sweets kick!


Steph said...

This is incredible!

VeeTea said...

Absolutely! Such a fantastic gift... On Thursday, I'll post more wagashi images.