Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Superfoods and Slow Food

In my research for my new article on superfoods and tea, I came across a few other interesting articles I thought I'd share. Here's one from the NY Times on aspects of the superfood trend that may not be helpful, and may even be harmful. (It's free, but you have to log in to read it.) It makes me really glad that most superfood-tea blends have actual superfoods in them! Beverage Spectrum looked at the beverage industry's approaches to superfoods in more depth. Fascinating article, though perhaps a bit technical and dry for my non-industry readers.

Here's another one from the NY Times on eating to enjoy food. What a concept! It's being spread by the Slow Food movement... slowly. I hope it catches on! In related news, one of the founders of Slow Food, Alice Cravens, recently decided to change Modern Tea tea house into a cooking school for local youth. Although I'm sure it will be fantastic for the local youth, it's a bit sad for the local tea enthusiasts, even though they can still buy Modern Tea's teas online.

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