Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tea Blender Interview

At the NYC Coffee and Tea Festival, I had the pleasure of meeting Nini Ordoubadi, tea blender and founder of TAY TEA. She mainly blends rooibos, which she acquired a passion for while visiting her husband's family in South Africa, and is known for her innovative flavor profiles and, ahem, unusual names. ("Better Than Sex" is one of her attention-grabbers.) I just learned that she has designed an artisanal tea collection for Henri Bendel. Exciting! The signature tea line includes:

Little Black Dress (black)
Bendel Rose (black)
Girl's Playground (green)
Bendelicious (green)
Safe Sex (rooibos)
Morning After (herbal)

Watch this great interview on tea blending with Nini from Revel in New York, a video blog that does fascinating profiles on noteworthy New Yorkers, to learn more about Nini's approach to tea and (with tea) life.


Steph said...

Those are just amazing names!

Lady Katherine said...

Love the tea names. How wonderful to do the interview.

VeeTea said...

Oh, just to be clear -- I didn't do the interview. That was Revel in New York. However, I had the pleasure of visiting her tearoom over the weekend and will be posting more on her, her blends and her tearoom in the very near future.