Wednesday, June 6, 2007


So either I have allergies from hell or I am very sick. Last Friday, I had typical allergy symptoms in the morning, but by 6PM my throat had closed significantly and I desperately needed to sleep. The symptoms were not like allergy symptoms any more and my lymph nodes had swelled immensely, but I still didn't have a fever. I slept most of the weekend, waking to ease my sore throat and clogged sinuses with hot tea, hot tisanes, salt water, vegetable broth, etc.

I haven't been able to speak for more than very brief periods of time since Sunday afternoon because of my throat. My sinuses are feeling beyond gross. Although I don't have a fever, I think it's a virus. Perhaps I just hope it's a virus because I don't want it to come back every year!

Now I have enough energy to go out to the store. I plan to buy fennel and ginger, for tisanes for my throat and sinuses. I would also go to an herbalist or doctor, but I think I quite possibly have the worst insurance plan in the world. I'll let you know how the tisanes work!

(Seriously, though, always consult an herbalist or doctor unless you really know what you're doing! Herbs can be dangerous if used incorrectly!)

Time for me to go to the store, while I still feel up to it. 'Til tomorrow!


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