Saturday, June 9, 2007

World Tea Expo: Exhibitor Hall

The exhibitor hall is enormous. There are 250 booths. Think about that for a minute. That is INSANE. This afternoon, I decided to separate the the leaves from the fannings. I browsed through the entire exhibit hall to see where I should return later. This seems like it will be a good strategy, because I will be able to spend as much time and energy as I can on the places and products I am the most interested in learning about. I have already met some wonderful people here. My favorites from today are Anupa Mueller of Eco-Prima (and a relative of the Makaibari Estate family) and the folks from Ito En. They're so knowledgeable and friendly! There were many other people and products worth noting, but I'll have to get into detail with them later, when I have time. For now, it's on to the keynote address!

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