Friday, June 22, 2007


I slept 11.5 hours last night. I awoke feeling somewhat better than last night, and with less of a fever. I went to the doctor, who was wonderful. (It is SUCH a relief to find a good doctor in NYC.) He says that I had a virus several weeks ago and that I never fully healed (because of travel and whatnot), so I ended up with sinusitis. Fun. Well, now I know what's wrong and can start to fix it. First, I'm off to pick up antibiotics. Then, I think it's time for some ginger tisane and a nap.

(I swear my life didn't revolve around sleep before I moved up here. It's just that I don't get enough of it, and then I get sick, and then I need a lot of it to get better. Perhaps I should just be a little less of a workaholic. Hah! Not likely.)

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