Saturday, June 9, 2007

World Tea Expo: The First Two Classes

Despite the fact that I am running on tea alone, the World Tea Expo has been great so far. In my first and second classes, I tried 12 wonderful teas from Nepal and India. These were tastings that covered the countries' general information and geographies and the teas' origins, growing conditions, processing, aromas, and tastes. I found the Nepalese teas to all be very mellow, but the Indian teas were quite varied. The Indian tea tasting was lead by the Tea Board of India. The speaker was an administrator, so his tea knowledge was limited, but he was a great public speaker and the tasting was very enjoyable. I had the pleasure of speaking with the director of the Tea Board afterward. He was very friendly and has offered to help me plan my travels to the tea plantations of India. Now it's time for me to check out the exhibitors' booths! Exciting!!!

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