Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Scariest Tea on the Market

While I was at the World Tea Expo, I saw one of the scariest things I have ever seen. Yes, really. I understand that many people want tea and convenience in one. However, there HAS to be a better way than THIS. I mean, this makes even the worst bottled teas look good. Besides, bottled teas are getting better all the time. (For example, Ito' En's new line of canned teas and tisanes are great. When were bottled teas ever "great" before?) I just don't understand why anyone would subject themselves to THIS. (Seriously, click the link. It's so scary. You HAVE to see it. Just don't get sucked in to the animation at the top that displays the "SpoonTea" in action. It's eerily hypnoitic, and it may brainwash you and convince you to actually try this stuff.)

If you've seen anything on par with this or (God forbid) worse, please let me know. I'm considering keeping a list of "creepy teas" on my site, a la the CandyBoots 1974 Weight Watchers' Cards. If there are enough things like this on the market, then somebody needs to do it!

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