Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tisanes/Illness/Spa Stuff

So, the tisanes seem to be helping. The ginger seems more effective than the fennel, but that could be because I dislike fennel. My sore throat has calmed itself enough that I can get a sentence or two out every five or ten minutes, and I feel less wiped out than I did before. I just hope I'll be ready for the World Tea Expo by Saturday!

Working for Urbana Cityspa & Teabar, I got some wonderful little spa product samples. Yesterday, they were calling my name as I slept off this virus, so I decided to pamper myself a bit between drinking tisanes and sleeping. I tried a peach face masque (it's the southern girl in me!), a yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) body wash (lovely), a ginger/bamboo body exfoliator (divine), and a green tea leg cream (which was creamy and luxurious, but it's supposed to be "for tired legs," which I found odd because caffeine absorption is not site-specific like that). Tomorrow, I think I'll take a green tea bath to wake myself up before my flight down to Atlanta.

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